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First of all we’ll familiarise ourselves with Your company, it’s products and current webpage. After that we’ll make a limited, yet fully working (and helpful) demo already made to match with your brand. Our demo is always free and does not commit you to anything.


Making a Demo assistant

After you have decided the assistant brings value to you and you customers, we’ll work together with your customer service to chart biggest problems and areas, where the assistant can be most helpful. Our AI trainer, who is responsible for the actual assistant implementation, is also project lead and includes you in the process. It means simple line of communication from both sides, resulting in minimal wasted time and best possible result.


Setting the goals

AI trainer builds the first Assistant draft with input from your customer service. If there is any technical integrations required (ZenDesk, XML or API feed, etc.), those will go into production at the same time to reduce total time to go LIVE. Our designer also creates custom design according to your specification and brand in this step.


Work continues

After the Assistant has been trained, has been given proper responses and first feedback round has been completed, we start teaching the Assistant all other required languages (if necessary). All of it will be done by professional translators, who are responsible for keeping consistent style and core ideas.


Making the assistant multilingual


Start! The Artificial Assistant goes LIVE!

The Assistant has been tested, tried and given approval from both sides. Next step is to send newly-created Artifical Assistant to the rescue and putting on your platforms. Adding it to your website is simple, with plugins and easy instructions from our knowledge base. If there are any problems, our technical team jumps in and helps to solve them quickly.

Follow-up development and analytics (feedback)

Artificial Assistant is not ever "finished". After a successful launch, we start analyzing its effectiveness and give it additional tools (integrations) and intent understanding. The goal is to target an increasing amount of customer problems, easing the load on your customer service as our work progresses.



The scope of the project is affected by:

Textual content

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