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Artificial Assistant

The Artificial Assistant solves the most common customer questions and gives the customer service representative an opportunity to deal with specific situations.

Tailor-made for you

We will build a custom-made Assistant that knows how to solve customer issues specific to your business. The days of unhelpful chatbots are gone.

Assistants and humans work side-by-side

What to do with problems that require a human approach? Customer Service agents can easily pick up the chat using our Live Chat functionality.

Integrate with everything

Do you have a ticketing system that you love? Or an awesome online store? Well you're in luck. Assistants are integrated with existing systems to solve issues that require more than just plain answers.

White label

No Evenstad branding on the chatbot. More professional look, client won't be distracted.

GDPR compliant

The company can be sure that their customer's data is safe.

Dedicated support

All our clients receive a dedicated support person so problems get solved quickly and efficiently.

Works on all websites

The company can be sure that the assistant works with their website.

Chat Logs

Previous chats are analyzed to teach the assistant even more. Chat history gives the companies a better idea of what questions and problems their clients are having.


The assistant works in many languages simultaneously to offer customer support in the language that the client is most comfortable in.

How is our Artificial Assistant made?

To start using our Artificial Assistant, we need to do three things - teach the assistant user stories and solutions, create technical integrations and implement the design in accord with Your brand. This process is lead by our AI trainer, who brings together our and Your team and makes sure time cost is minimal. Read more on our Workflow page.

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