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Evenstad + ChatGPT

Evenstad Assistant uses the technology behind ChatGPT to:​
  • Answer never before seen questions
  • Deliver tailored solutions to each customer's specific issue
  • Learn from past conversations automatically

Answer never before seen questions

Evenstad Assistant tackles unknown queries with ease using ChatGPT, delivering accurate responses from various sources such as FAQs, product info pages, and customer service guides. Only helpful answers, no more "I didn't understand you".

Tailored solutions for each customer

Evenstad Assistant uses ChatGPT to give tailored solutions for each customer's problem by analyzing the question and mood. So, instead of answering with a generic response that might fit several issues, Evenstad Assistant responds with a precise answer.

Learn from past conversations

By continuously learning from past conversations using ChatGPT, Evenstad Assistant refines and enhances its responses to provide an even better customer service experience. Upgrading the chatbot is effortless, because it requires no human intervention.

Unfamiliar questions
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